Preview – Hitched at Home: Our Lockdown Wedding

Hitched at Home Our Lockdown Wedding

With Covid-19 social distancing measures keeping loved ones apart right the way across the UK, more than sixty thousand couples have seen their plans for a dream wedding dashed. But all is not lost – at least not if Channel 4’s match-making maestro Fred Sirieux has anything to do with it!

As Britain welcomes in the summer under lockdown, Fred is on a mission to give one love-struck couple the chance to get hitched in an audacious virtual ceremony with the whole of their wedding party watching from home. This one off feature documentary sees lovers Patrick and Louise get a wedding they never thought could happen this year. With only two weeks to pull it off, the film follows Fred as he works around the clock with his black book of contacts to make their day as perfect as possible. From virtual stags and hens, to sourcing suits and rings in a wedding industry in shutdown, Fred’s certainly got a job on his hands. And when the big day finally arrives, will it go without a hitch?

Hitched at Home: Our lockdown Wedding – Monday 9:00pm on Channel 4.