Preview – Hold the Sunset

Holding the Sunset
Programme Name: Hold The Sunset - TX: 18/02/2018 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Phil (JOHN CLEESE), Roger (JASON WATKINS), Edith (ALISON STEADMAN) - (C) BBC/Shutterstock - Photographer: Adam Lawrence.

Reaction to the new sitcom starring John Cleese has been mixed to say the least. While it originally attracted big viewing figures, most critics seemed not at all keen on it.

In the penultimate episode in the series, Roger (Jason Watkins) is persuaded that he could make money as his mother Edith’s carer (Alison Steadman). The only problem is that she is perfectly well, so he needs to find a substitute when social services come to visit.

Hold the Sunset is on BBC One at 20.00.