Preview – Homes by the Med

Charlie Luxton - Homes by the Med

The Mediterranean is home to some of the world’s most beautiful sea views. Combine these with the warm climate and it’s no surprise that the Med is the ideal location for a relocation, especially amongst those that arrive with a rather large cheque in hand.

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton returns to the Mediterranean coastline for a nosy around the homes of the Med’s elite – those who have taken in the beautiful views and used these as a starting point for building luxurious homes.  

The new series includes trips to Spain, Italy, Malta and Croatia. In the first programme, Charlie explores Ibiza. He visits a mansion built of bamboo and concrete and a classic Ibizan farmhouse. He also pays a visit to Ibiza’s version of Stonehenge and a yoga retreat in a refurbished villa.

Homes by the Med, Tuesday, 9pm – MoreFour