Preview – Horizon: Hair Care Secrets

Dr Zoe Williams, Des Tobin - Hair Care Secrets

As a Nation we have become incredibly obsessed with our appearance. The way we look on the outside plays a fundamental role in forming our identity and as a result the amount of money that is spent on hair, make-up and skin products has increased. The global hair-care industry is now worth an incredible £60 billion.

As part of the BBC’s Horizon documentary series, a team of scientists and doctors investigate what is actually growing out of our heads. Working with leading hair care brands such as L’Oreal and ghd, the team analyse the latest research exploring why we spend so much time and money on our hair.

Examining myths and comparing shampoo prizes against their performance, the team questions if investing more in the products we use is beneficial. As well as uncovering the moisturising ingredients found in conditioner, the scientists examine why some of us go grey before others and why the number of younger men opting for a follicle transplant, is increasing.

Horizon: Hair Care Secrets – Monday, 9pm, BBC Two