Preview – Hospital

Hospital series 2

Hospital is back for its second series with cameras capturing some of the most challenging and complicated issues staff at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust face.

Tonight’s episode is a touching one as St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, receives the call to say they will be receiving victims of the horrific Westminster attack and we watch as the staff snap into action following the major incident protocol.

As victims are brought straight from Westminster bridge to St Mary’s we meet some of the of those affected including 18-year-old Yann and 16-year-old Victor, and British victim Stephen – who required emergency surgery to save his leg.

In the days after the attack, staff at the hospital attempt to revert to business as usual and arrange for the repatriation of the foreign nationals caught up in the atrocity. Meanwhile, the victims come to terms with what has happened to them.

Hospital, Tuesday, 9 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC