Preview – Hospital

Mr. Rex Stanbridge

Tonight’s episode of Hospital focuses on the revolutionary medicine that is becoming an option for prolonging life but new treatments don’t come cheap. Financial challenges are preventing patients receiving treatment.

Glendon is 51 and has an aggressive brain tumour. He has spent time researching his condition and has identified a new drug that is not yet licensed and isn’t available on the NHS. The drug would cost up to £30,000 per round so Glendon has come to Charing Cross Hospital’s private wing, to see oncologist Dr Matt Williams.

Over in Chelsea and the Queen Charlotte Hospital, 44-year-old Nicky has come from Devon to receive NHS treatment for her ovarian cancer that is not available at her local hospital. Professor Christina Fotopoulou is one of the few NHS surgeons in the country to offer the potentially life-prolonging surgery that Nicky desperately needs.

Hospital, Tuesday, 9 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC