Preview – Hospital

NHS, BBC Two's Hospital

At a time when the NHS is being pushed to breaking point and regularly makes headline news, the BBC’s new documentary, Hospital seems incredibly relevant.

The six-part series highlights the current daily struggles of life on a NHS ward across five hospitals in London’s Imperial College Healthcare Trust. Without the touching moments of human compassion and love that is offered in 24 Hours in A&E, Hospital focuses of the hard decisions doctors have to make every day – with only one bed spare and two patients desperately in need of life saving surgery, who should get it?

In the first episode we are given access to St Mary’s in Paddington and meet Simon, a cancer patient waiting for surgery to remove a tumour from his oesophagus. As he is being prepared for surgery the second time, St Mary’s receives a call to say Janice is being ‘blue lighted’ in from Norwich with a ruptured aneurysm and is just six hours away from death. Both need the surgery and both with need a bed in intensive care, but with just one bed left, if falls to Intensive Care unit consultant Simon Ashworth to decide which patient the bed should be given.

Hospital, available on iplayer until February 10 2017