Preview: Hotel Armadillo: Natural World

A giant armadillo - Hotel Armadillo

A creature that has not only made a home for itself in world’s biggest wetland – the Pantanal of Brazil – but one that could be key to the survival of scores of other creates, the giant armadillo is the subject of tonight’s Natural World episode, narrated by David Attenborough.

The number of humans who can claim to have seen a giant armadillo in their natural habitat is incredibly low, they are a species that keep to themselves. But thanks to a man who had devoted his time to studying these fascinating creatures and the latest film and photography technology, we are able to marvel at the remarkable behaviour of the armadillos. Alongside intimate moments shared between the species, the cameras also document a rather surprising discovering – welcome to Hotel armadillo.

Hotel Armadillo: Natural World, Friday, 9pm – BBC Two