Preview – Hotel Transylvania 3

Hotel Transylvania 3

It’s one for the kids tonight as everyone’s favourite ghosts and ghouls crash onto Sky Cinema in the third instalment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise.

Adam Sandler leads the odd-ball band of monsters as manager of Hotel Transylvania and tired family man Count Dracula while Selena Gomez becomes the iconic vampire’s daughter, Mavis. Joining Dracula’s ranks are a number of Sandler’s real-life famous friends including the likes of Kevin James, David Spade and Steve Buschemi who play Frankenstein’s monster, the invisible man and Wayne the Werewolf respectively. Andy Samberg reprises his role as Mavis’ simple husband, Johnny while Kathryn Hahn and Jim Gaffigan join the cast as the film’s baddies, the Van Helsings.

Dracula and his paranormal buddies hit pastures new and indulge in their exotic escape after the stressed-out hotel-manager is whisked away on a luxury monster cruise by his daughter, Mavis. But things turn out to be far from smooth-sailing when Drac begins to fall for the enigmatic captain of the cruise, Ericka, whose terrible secret threatens to stamp out monsterkind.

Hotel Transylvania 3 – Saturday 8:00pm on Sky Cinema (Family).