Preview: How Europe Stole My Mum

Kieran Hodgson - How Europe Stole My Mother

We’re leaving Europe. But how did we get into it in the first place? And after we leave, how do we put a divided country, or a divided family, back together?

Comedian Kieran Hodgson seeks the answer to in this new comedy documentary. This timely one-off show, written and presented by Hodgson and starring Harry Enfield, Liza Tarbuck and Tom Palmer, guides viewers on a journey to understand how and why Brexit split the country in half and explain how it was that we came to be in Europe in the first instance.

It’s an irreverent, personal piece about Brexit, which subverts the conventions of factual shows and illustrates the UK’s political landscape at a vital turning point in our history, with impressions and flights of fancy. 

How Europe Stole My Mum – Thursday at 11.05pm.