Preview: How Green is the Government? Dispatches

Dispatches dives deep into the climate crisis as COP26 is held in the UK; is the host country doing enough to fight extinction? Photo: Channel 4

Is our government as green as it claims? As Britain prepares to host COP26, the international summit billed as the last chance to save the planet, this Dispatches special travels from Shetland to Cornwall to investigate the truth behind the Prime Minister’s declaration that the UK is the global leader in the fight against the climate crisis. 

Film-maker Callum Macrae examines the government’s 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution: from its ambitions to quadruple our wind power and drive a growth to low carbon hydrogen, to a controversial plan to construct new industrial-scale ‘carbon capture’ plants that will permanently pump CO2 beneath the rocks of the North Sea. 

Macrae asks why the government seems less interested in supporting green new technologies like tidal and geothermal, while backing new uses of fossil fuel and continuing to search for new oil, in apparent breach of its Paris Accord commitments. 

This challenging investigation hears from a cast of characters, ranging from environmentalists, businesspeople and senior government advisors to a group of young activists determined to call Boris Johnson and his government to account in the High Court. 

The charge will be their catastrophic failure to implement the Paris Accords and take more effective steps to combat the climate crisis. A crisis with consequences that their generation will have no choice but to inherit.

Dispatches – Monday at 8pm on Channel 4