Preview – How to Get Fit Fast

Anna Richardson, Amar Latif - How to Get Fit Fast

With January a distant memory, many resolutions have gone out of the window. With the short, cold and dark days, the idea of going out for a run or even a walk is just not appealing. We want fast fixes, simple routines that are easy to stick to and don’t require freezing toes.

Following on from Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well, How to Get Fit Fast follows in similar suit. With a saturated market of fitness DVD’s, diets, guides and even apps, finding what actually works for you has become over complicated and many people are put off by the confusion.

From High Intensity Interval Training and yoga to bulking and shredding, presenters Anna Richardson and Amar Latif bust myths, reveal exercise secrets and let science do the talking.

Tackling the ever posing questions, how important is exercise against diet? Do team sports improve results? and is running damaging for the body? The show aims to make exercising as simple as possible in the hope that more people will be able to get back on track.

How to Get Fit Fast, Friday, 8pm – Channel 4seven