Preview – How to Lose Weight Well

How to Lose Weight Well

It’s hardly a groundbreaking format, is it? Healthy eating can lead to healthier weight. How To Lose Weight Well is compulsive viewing but doesn’t do its subjects any favours by allowing them to see their weight loss plans against event-driven deadlines.

Daria and Emma have seven days, yes seven days, to slim down for a birthday bash – good luck with that; while bridesmaids Emma and Elisa go on six-week dieting plans for a forthcoming wedding. Representing the only sensible chance of making meaningful change to their eating habits and lose weight, entrepreneurs Dom and Adam want to slim down for a corporate summer party in four months.

It seems for some people, the penny is only just dropping – or in the case of tonight’s subjects, it’s just about to drop.

How to Lose Weight Well – Tuesday 8.00pm on Channel Four.