Preview – How To Lose Weight Well

How To Lose Weight Well

This intriguing weight loss series has been a staple of the last few weeks for me. I’ve never been one for fad diets but when I want to lose weight, I cut out the things that I know are heavy hitters for fat gain and do it over several months. Gone are the cigarettes, reduced is the midweek drinking and red meat has been replaced with fresh fish. It’s not rocket science it’s just common sense. And I think that is what I find so compulsive about How To Lose Weight Well and eating plans that range from 10 days to four months.

This week, Xand van Tulleken and dietician Hala El-Shafie invite ordinary Brits to road test some of the most popular and talked about diets on the market. Stefanie and Jade from Harrow to slim down using the 10-day option – before the launch of their clothing label. While Sugar fiend Stefanie goes cold turkey on the No Sugar Diet. Jade test-drives the Low Fat Diet, filling up on lean protein and fibre. Fast food junkies Matt from Redditch and Robb from the Wirral battle the bulge before a university reunion in six weeks’ time.

And the beacon of sanity in all this, Vicki and Kerry from Chesterfield want to get fighting fit for a mud race in four months’ time. Kerry tries a diet delivery service, eating mainly microwavable meals for the entire time. Meanwhile, Vicki road tests the 5-Factor Diet, eating little and often from five low fat, low-calorie food groups.

How To Lose Weight Well – Tuesday 8.00pm on Channel 4