Preview: How to Make It on OnlyFans

How to Make It on OnlyFans
Val is one of Alex’s glamorous alter egos. Photo: Channel 4

Alex Sim-Wise makes £10,000 a month as a content creator on subscription-based site OnlyFans. Anyone can begin posting content they think others will pay to see. 

It has given sex workers and pornstars a platform to take stock over their own business, free from the exploitation of pimps, traffickers and studios looking to make money. 

Pitching herself as ‘the one-woman Trinny and Susannah for slags’, Alex has set up a consultancy helping ordinary people emulate her success. People like Emily, who’s just quit her steady customer service job to become a full-time sex worker. Will, who films gay fetish porn in his spare time for fun. 

When OnlyFans controversially announces a plan to ban adult content, turning the sex work industry upside down, Alex and her clients fight to keep their livelihoods afloat.

How to Make it on OnlyFans – Thursday at 10pm on Channel4