Preview – How to Retire at 40

How to Retire at 40
How to Retire at 40 - Presenter Anna Richardson, Rhik Samadder and Sophie Morgan. Picture Publicist: Charlie Fearn. Photographer: Channel 4 Television

There are some people for who taking early retirement seems like a nice idea. You can’t help but feel that doing it at 40 seems a bit much.

Nevertheless, in this programme presented by Anna Richardson, Sophie Morgan and Rhik Samadder, we look at some of the people who managed to take early retirement to new lengths.

If you think retiring at 40 sounds fun, the methods to do so sound anything but. One expert talks about “super-saving”, which involves saving 75% of your entire income over seven years. Having said that, I’d still prefer that method in comparison to another option; namely a man who decide to create a business sending personalised potatoes through the post. Why does the phrase: “Hipster t***” spring to mind?

How to Retire at 40 is on Channel 4 at 20.30.