Preview – How To Stay Well

Phil Kieran, Helen Lawal, Javid Abdelmoneim

Attempting to make sense of the worrying medical stories that are introduced daily, GPs Phil Kieran and Helen Lawal, and A&E doctor Javid Abdelmoneim, have teamed up to find out which ones are actually a cause for alarm, offering advice on how we can stay fit and healthy.

From self-experiments and undercover investigations, they hope to expose the truth on which health scares pose the biggest threat.

In episode one, Javid heads to the New Forest to investigate whether you can get Lyme disease whilst walking the dog. Phil carries out his own experiment to find out if smart phones are affecting men’s fertility. And how far from a sneeze can you catch a disease? Helen looks into new ground breaking research to get the answer. 

How To Stay Well, Monday, 8.30 pm − Channel 4

Image: Channel 4