Preview – Hunted


Season four of the reality TV- show, Hunted, comes to its thrilling climax this week in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse played out in the centre of Birmingham.

Last week’s episode saw the shock captures of Royal Marines veteran Matt Mason and bubbly Essex-girl Loren Hannon after the hunters had taken control over their support networks. In the end it was Loren’s longing to see her mother which proved to be her downfall while Matt was scooped up after the Hunter’s laid at trap for him at one of his associates’ safe-houses.

As for the remaining fugitives, best-friends Nate and Ish didn’t get the reaction they’d wanted from the Hunters HQ after an audacious live-taunt in the centre of London but are still well placed to finish the series strongly. Their rivals, brothers Frank and Harry, enjoyed a relatively quiet episode last week and now need to fire themselves up for the final race to the finish line.

This week sees the reveal of the fugitives’ escape point; a helicopter on the rooftop of Birmingham’s Bull Ring Shopping Centre. Now, all that’s left is a mad-dash through the busy streets of Birmingham as the remaining survivors race to finish line. Can the survivors evade Peter Bleksley’s team of hunters long enough to get their hands on the £100,000 prize or will they fall at the final hurdle?

Hunted – Thursday 9:00pm on Channel 4 and now available, along with the rest of the fourth series, on All 4.