Preview – Hunting the KGB Killers

Alexander Litvinenko
(C) Getty Images

The killing of former Russian KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in November 2006 has put a strain on the relationship between the UK and Russia that has never been resolved.

This feature length documentary interviews members of Litvinenko’s family, such as his widow and their son, as well as members of Scotland Yard, as they attempted to and still continue to bring to justice the people who killed Litvinenko using polonium-210, one of the most toxic substances known to humanity.

Anyone who has seen last’s Friday’s edition of The Last Leg may well be familiar with some of the programme’s contents: namely that when British agents went to Russia to get to the bottom of the case, they drank poisoned tea that gave them a stomach bug – leading to the question: “Why drink tea offered to you by people you suspect killed someone using poisoned tea?”

Hunting the KGB Killers is on Channel 4 at 21.00.