Preview: I am Kirsty

Paul Kaye and Samantha Morton in I am Kirsty

The second programme from the female-led drama anthology series starring three of Britain’s leading actors.

I Am Kirsty tells the story of a single mother of two who is fighting to keep her family stable in a precarious world, and the sacrifices that she has to make to survive.

When Kirsty (Samantha Morton) is left with spiralling debts by her ex-partner who has vanished, she meets a neighbour, Ryan (Paul Kaye), who offers to help her out of the hole that she’s in. But all is not as it seems, forcing Kirsty into some dark and desperate decisions; an abyss that seems to have no way out.

I Am Kirsty is a raw and unflinching look at a dark world that many women have been pulled into without realising ,and have fought tirelessly to escape from.

I am Kirsty – Tuesday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.