Preview – I Hate Mondays

I Hate Mondays

I won’t lie to you, I don’t much rate TV game shows and programmes of that ilk but frankly, with the arrival of Channel 4’s new “I Hate Mondays” has certainly turned my head. Presenter Alan Carr (ultra-camp comedian and former face of Channel 4’s “Chatty Man”) is joined by Amanda Holden this week as his guest co-host in a show with such a uniquely absurd premise I found myself drawn in immediately.

Hosted by Alan Carr, the show offers a pretty remarkable premise or at least its unique in its prize – that being a year off work with your wages paid. Of course, you won’t have a job by the time your year-long sabbatical ends but hey it’s all in fun, right? Joking aside, that is essentially the crux of the show as a pre-requisite is that the contestants must all be willing to quit their job there and then, on national television, before the games begin – one of which will later find themselves resigning and walking away with a year’s salary and no job.

Now I don’t want to sound like a kill-joy here; frankly for entertainment purposes it sounds great and the prize is something which hasn’t really been done before. On paper, it wouldn’t be amiss to think that this may seem like a fantastic opportunity – whether the ends justify the means however is debatable.

I Hate Mondays – Friday 8:00pm on Channel 4.