Preview: I Hate You

I Hate You - ep 3 of 6

Ep3 of 6 – Monster

Joyous comedy from Robert Popper about two best friends in their mid-20s – Charlie (Tanya Reynolds) and Becca (Melissa Saint) – and their intense, messy friendship in today’s intense, messy world. Becca’s awful dad, who walked out when she was only 10, passes away, and Becca feels bad that she just can’t cry about him. Becca guilts Charlie into bunking off work with her, but the day soon spirals into chaos as the girls play their extreme dare game – ‘Scary Dare’ – and Becca chucks Charlie’s keys into a parked van.

When Charlie goes to retrieve them, she ends up on an unexpected journey. Later, at Bradley’s (James Bradwell) terrible party, Becca does another dreadful scary dare: dropping Charlie’s keys into the jacket pocket of a very drunk, monster of a man. A terrified Charlie has no choice but to try to get them back, leading to more madness and mayhem.

I Hate You – Thursday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

Image: Tereza Cervenova