Preview – I Know Who You Are

I Know Who You Are
Picture Shows: Juan Elias (FRANCESC GARRIDO), Ricardo Heredia (ANTONIO DECHENT) (L-R). Image Credit: BBC/Filmax International

BBC Four presents the British debut of this Spanish thriller, starting with a double bill.

Starring Francesc Garrido, Bianca Portillo and Alex Monner, the series beings when Juan Elias (Garrido) wakes up in a petrol station, injured, with no memory of who is or how he got there. He ends up in hospital, where his wife tells him he was a successful lawyer.

Juan is also told that his 22-year-old niece is missing and traces of her blood were found in his car, leading some people to doubt his amnesia.

I Know Who You Are is on BBC Four at 21.00.