Preview – Ice Age: Return of the Mammoth

Ice Age Return of the Mammoth
Professor Love Dalen and Dr Tori Herridge examine a woolly rhino skull in science tent, Belaya Gora, Siberia. Picture Publicist: Jamie Fry. Photographer: Pro Co.

The idea of bringing animals back from extinction Jurassic Park style may be closer to reality than you think.

This documentary sees a team of scientists travelling to northern Siberia, where the remains of a 40,000 year old mammoth have been found preserved in permafrost. This includes DNA, which might allow for the possibility of a genetically engineered elephant-mammoth hybrid, and future possible plans to bring other extinct animals back from the dead. Is such an idea feasible however?

Ice Age: Return of the Mammoth is on Channel 4 at 19.30.