Preview: Imagine…

Tom Stoppard and Alan Yentob get to know one another. Photo: BBC

Presenter Alan Yentob explores the world of the arts, not just in Britain but also around the globe. It’s a broad definition of ‘arts’ including painting, acting, music, writing, theatre and everything else; Alan asks us to imagine, not just how life could be with art at its forefront, but how the world has been changed by the art being made.

In this episode, the playwright Tom Stoppard tells Alan Yentob the extraordinary story of his life and his latest play, Leopoldstadt, in which he faces up to the pain and loss in his past.

The playwright, who first drew attention in the 1960s and has had a career spanning half a century, sits down to discuss the process of his art. We learn the struggles he has faced in creating it, and his life story, revealing how pain and heartbreak can be both a help and hindrance to his creative process.

Imagine – Thursday at 10.35pm on BBC One