Preview: In the Footsteps of Killers

In The Footsteps of Killers

True crime series. Emilia Fox, leading criminologist Professor David Wilson, and former senior detective Dr Graham Hill investigate unsolved murder cases that have gone cold, looking for new leads that the original investigations may have missed.

This time the team investigate a case that remains unsolved after over 30 years. On Saturday 2 June 1989, 18-year-old Tina Bell left her family home in Billingham, Teesside to buy some sweets for her younger brother. This was the last time the family saw Tina. Ten months later her remains were found on wasteland near the family home and forensic analysis showed the remains had been dissolved in acid.

With the help of Dr Graham Hill, David and Emilia investigate Tina’s murder and uncover some sinister events in the community that could be connected to her murder.

In the Footsteps of Killers

Thursday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

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