Preview: In The Long Run

In The Long Run - Idris Elba

We’re going back to the eighties – again – to catch up with the Easmons in the second series of Idris Elba’s semi-autobiographical comedy.

We pick up with the East London family right where we left off. Walter has been elected union representative at the factory and is thrown into the deep end when he is forced to tackle a very slippery negotiation that tests his resolve. Much to Kirsty’s horror, Melissa’s biological father, Leon, has turned up on the Eastbridge estate and she is faced with the difficult task of telling Bagpipes, but luckily Agnes comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Valentine has finally moved out of the Easmon’s home, but bachelor life is not what he thought it would be.

In the Long Run – Wednesday at 10.00pm on Sky One.