Preview – Indian Summer School

Indian Summer School

The Doon School – affectionately referred to as the Eton of India by students and teachers alike across the world – has been met with a challenge in this Channel 4 reality-documentary series; the point of which being to teach and raise the grades of 5 underachieving British boys over the course of one summer before they retake their GCSEs at the end of the process. The 5 boys from across the UK, became 4 last week as one of the participant’s frequently bad behaviour culminated in his exclusion from the process.

In the third and final episode of the latest in Channel 4’s “social experiment” series,  the 4 remaining boys – now 6 weeks on from the day they enrol at the Doon School – enter their final week of study which will culminate in them re-sitting their GCSE exams. Will the young Brits get their grades or will the whole process end in disappointment? Elsewhere Ethan ruffles some feathers with a news paper article focused around being the only “out” gay Doon boy.


Indian Summer School – Thursday 9:00pm on Channel 4.