Preview – Innocent


ITV launches its new crime-drama, Innocent, this week with the whole four-part series being aired from Monday the 14th to Thursday the 17th. The series, starring Line of Duty’s Lee Ingleby and Cold Feet’s Hermione Norris, focuses on the protested innocence of David Collins – who was imprisoned for the murder of his wife, Tara – and his subsequent release from jail. Co-starring in the series; Merlin’s Angel Coulby joins Nigel Lindsey as the police presence in the show, playing DI Cathy Hudson and DCI William Beech respectively.

The first episode throws viewers head-on into the deep end in a murder mystery which has seen the supposedly innocent husband of the victim incarcerated and has left a fractured community in its wake. David Collins, the husband who still maintains his innocence in the tragedy, finds himself released from prison on a technicality in the investigation thanks to his brother, Phil’s campaigning. However, with DCI William Beech – worried his reputation could be tarnished by his shortcomings in the original investigations – and his junior continuing to probe him for new evidence and a cold reception from his kids and their new adoptive mother, Alice, David questions whether his life will ever be normal again.


Innocent – Monday 9:00pm on ITV.