Preview: Inside Legoland: A World of Wonder

A train derails near the Golden Gate Bridge – in mini land, that is. Photo: Channel 5

In this brick-by-brick account of life behind the scenes of one of the world’s most beloved theme parks, we see the joys of bringing Lego to life, as well as some of the challenging sides to the park’s management.

We meet Will, who gave up his teacher training to follow his lifetime love of building with Lego. Paula is in charge of the park’s model workshop, where dreams become reality, and the different sculptures of the park are given life.

The work is intensely rewarding, with daily laughter, smiles and excitement from children and their parents. But we also see the tougher parts, such as breakdowns, evacuations, complaints and first aid cases. Indeed, sometimes temperatures above 30°C can cause the tracks to buckle on the Legoland Express light railway.

With such a large theme park, and a lot of people to look after, a lot of pieces must come together to make the whole experience go smoothly.

Inside Legoland – Sunday at 6.05pm on Channel 5