Film of the Day – Inside Man

inside man

In the midst of a tense hostage situation and a daring bank robbery, Detective Keith Frazier finds himself embroiled in a battle of wits with a criminal mastermind orchestrating organised crime within New York City. Starring Denzel Washington in its leads role and Clive Owen as his intellectual adversary, the film is led by director Spike Lee and was well received both on box-office and critically.

The begins with a shot of criminal mastermind, Dalton Russell (Owen) who performs a monologue detailing a perfect crime after being presumably incarcerated in a cell. We then cut to a hostage situation and heist at one of New York’s largest banks, prompting the arrival of hostage negotiator and tough detective, Keith Frazier (Washington) who subsequently attempts to make contact with the suspects. However in a game of wits, using a variety of clever tricks and misdirection, the robbers become more competent adversaries than Frazier – or the rest of his force – had anticipated or encountered before. It then falls to the hard-line detective and fixer, Madeline White (Jodie Foster) to outmanoeuvre the criminals before they cause serious damage.

Inside Man – Tuesday 6:40 pm on Sky Cinema (Thriller).