Preview – Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich

Inside Monaco

Oh to be rich and famous. The BBC series, offering an insight into a small but extraordinarily wealthy country on the French Riviera, continues tonight for the season’s penultimate instalment. This week, high-rollers and luxury yatchs descend on the city. 

This episode goes inside the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, where the present fortunes of Monaco began and where its current staff are preparing to host an exclusive soiree at the casino, with a prohibition theme aimed at the highest rollers from around the world. Prince Albert II and members of his family are in attendance, which adds to the attraction of the evening. Elsewhere, as the annual yacht show begins, four billion euros worth of motor yachts enter the harbour, and there is a unique glimpse into the buying and selling of these modern emblems of wealth and success.

Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich – Monday 9:00pm on BBC Two.