Preview – Inside the factory

Cherry Healey holding different varieties of pasta.

This week’s Inside the factory is all about pasta. Gregg Wallace heads to Italy where 3,000 tonnes of pasta is made and shipped to the UK each year. Following its journey from the seven-storey mill to production where it is mixed with water, pushed through moulds and turned into spaghetti.

Cherry Healey gets more technical discovering why the best pasta is made with durum wheat and helps to harvest 15 tonnes of tomatoes, turning them into 3,000 litres of pasta sauce.

Meanwhile, Historian Ruth Goodman discovers that pasta arrived in Britain much earlier than we imagined. She heads to the British Library to look at a manuscript from 1390 and navigates the streets of Soho armed with a 1958 restaurant guide to find out how we first fell in love with Italian food.

Inside the factory, Tuesday, 8 pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC