Preview: Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales

Iolo wades, walks and wanders through the Cambrian Mountains on the hunt for astonishing airborne animals. Photo: BBC Two

We join Iolo Williams as he tracks down different kinds of wildlife in the equally wild Cambrian Mountains – a largely uninhabited and uninhibited natural region.

Iolo will be tracking down some goshawks in the Tywi forest, and charts their progress from an extinct species in Wales, to their reintroduction in the 1960s. He follows them during the late part of the nesting season, and miraculously finds a full nest of growing chicks with proof of a healthy existence.

Iolo also explores the Elan Valley in pursuit of one of Wale’s most critically endangered birds – the curlew. As they attempt to bed on rough ground near man-made resevoirs, he discovers a stuning day-flying moth called the Welsh clearwing. It is so rare, it can only be found in a handful of places in Britain, and its strongest refuge is the Cambrian Mountains.

The Last Wilderness of Wales – Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC Two