Preview – Italy’s Invisible Cities

Naples, Italy's Invisible Cities

A country renowned for its beautiful cobbled streets, fresh pasta and excellent wine, Italy is a country increasingly popular with us Brits.

However, there may be more to Italy than just exceptional Neapolitan Pizza. Following the success of Rome’s Invisible City, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott head to the Italian streets again – this time destined for Italy’s most popular cities; Naples, Venice and Florence, in an attempt to uncover 2,000 years of History.

Episode one sees Alexander and Michael head to Naples but rather than roaming the streets, the pair delve underground into a series of hidden tunnels. With the help of the Italian scanning team and the latest 3D technology, the pair explore the underground city constructed by 19th Century Bourbon kings and manage to create a bigger picture of ancient Naples. From a hidden theatre to underwater ruins the duo succeed in exposing the secrets of one of the world’s oldest cities.

Italy’s Invisible Cities, Wednesdays, 9pm – BBC One