Preview – Jamestown


As the Sky Original Production continues, rumour of a goldmine sends a stir of suspicion through the settlement, and Jocelyn forces a reluctant Samuel to help her find the map. Meanwhile, threatened by her incessant interference, Farlow and Redwick instruct a handsome young soldier to extract information from Jocelyn’s hapless maid Mercy. However, when Jocelyn discovers what they are up to, she finds a way to beat them at their own game.

Elsewhere, a harsh penalty awaits James Read when he clashes with the governor and Verity challenges Meredith to give up the drink for a month. Plus, Temperance reaches out to her cousin in England as she looks to uncover the truth about Jocelyn’s past and, upriver, Henry and Davie begin a journey into the mountains in search of gold.

Jamestown – Friday 9.00pm on Sky One.