Preview: Jamie: Keep Cooking At Christmas

Keep Cooking At Christmas
Join Jamie Oliver as he prepares you for a big hearty get together over the holidays. Photo: Channel 4

Jamie Oliver knows the importance of a good meal to a Christmas gathering, and considering this holiday season will be the first we can spend together, it’ll be a chance to pull out all the stops.

Edible presents and new ways to reinvent leftovers are on the table, and Jamie offers lots of handy hints and tips for getting that full winter flavour.

In the first part of this two-part special, Jamie cooks a sumptuous roasted mulled wine ham. Accompanied by cheeses for baking, it’s the perfect Yule treat.

He shows us how to make a beautiful sage, onion and apricot stuffing that can be rolled and cooked, or saved for another day. All served with a simple but phenomenal chestnut gravy, and with a lesson in the best way to layer flavour with your veg.

Jamie: Keep Cooking At Christmas – Saturday at 4.05pm on Channel 4