Preview – Japan’s Secret Shame

Japan's Secret Shame
Picture Shows: Shiori Ito in Tokyo. Image Credit: BBC/True Vision Productions Ltd.

In Japan there is a big problem when it comes to the way rape cases are reported.

This was demonstrated in May 2017 when journalist Shiori Ito did something unusual in her country – she alleged that someone raped her and announced it publicly. Her alleged attacker was a TV reporter, Noriyuki Yamaguchi, who also happens to be a friend of prime minister Shinzo Abe.

This allegation however was just the start of her problems: she got hate mail, humiliated in public, Yamaguchi laughed off Ito’s claims in a TV interview, Ito had to lie on a mattress and re-enact the attack for police using a life-sized doll, and no charges were brought. In this programme Ito attempts to get Japan to change its attitudes toward rape victims.

Japan’s Secret Shame is on BBC Two at 22.00.