Preview: Japan’s Wartime Sex Slaves: Unreported World

Unreported World
Lee Yong-soo leads the struggle to hold Japan accountable in the International Court of Justice. Photo: Channel 4

In this Unreported World, we follow one of the last survivors of a generation of so-called ‘comfort women’ – a euphemism given to the enslaved women and girls, mostly Korean and Chinese, taken by Imperial Japan as sex slaves during their invasion of mainland Asia.

The 92-year-old campaigner Lee Yong-soo was just 14 in 1943 when she was kidnapped from her Korean home and traded between the military bases Japan had set up in her country. She has campaigned for justice for the last decades of her life, and doesn’t intend to stop now.

Grandma Lee, as she is known, and journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy go to Seoul and recounts the torture she endured in her childhood, and meets other survivors (who only number 13) as they vow to get an official apology from Japan’s government. 

Unreported World interviews some members of the far-right historians, politicians and scholars who deny accountability and accuse the women of lying.

Unreported World – Friday at 7.30pm on Channel 4