Preview: John and Joe Bishop – Life After Deaf

John and Joe Bishop - Life After Deaf

John’s eldest son, Joe, has an autoimmune condition causing progressive deafness. After a decade of trying to “fix” Joe’s hearing, the family come to the realisation that it is now time to reconsider and find out more about the Deaf Community. John has set himself the target of delivering an entire signed stand-up comedy gig to a deaf audience. That means mastering an entirely new language and an entirely new way of performing. Needless to say, he has a mountain to climb…

This moving documentary follows John and Joe’s journey into the deaf community and unpacks the issues the family have faced.

After months of preparations John will deliver his new set to a deaf audience – alongside established deaf comedians. Whatever happens, this will be the most demanding and challenging performance that he has ever delivered – and he’s hoping that the audience will be laughing for all the right reasons.

John and Joe Bishop – Life After Deaf – Thursday at 9.00pm on ITV and ITV Hub.