Preview – Just Tattoo of Us

Just Tattoo of Us

Television can be a strange thing. While it can produce programmes which soar to the heights of masterfully produced high-entertainment, it can also shoot shows out at the other end of the spectrum; amalgamations of vulgarity, taboo themes and sheer shock-value but one’s which have a strange allure to them.

That’s pretty much what you get with MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us which continues on its third season with more jaw-droppingly bad ideas and tattoos which really would test any normal relationship. The premise of the show, if you haven’t heard of it before, is that two people – usually a couple or a pair of friends – design tattoos for one another before going off and getting them done. So far so good, right? Not quite. Both people go into their respective tattooes blind only finding out what their friend has chosen for them, after the tattoo has been completed in a big reveal on national television; meaning the shock, tears and absolute dread are all completely genuine. In short, you’d need to be masochistic to apply for the show but it does make some shockingly good television!

This week, friends Calum Best and former X-Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza go under the needle while sweethearts Ryan and Natasha threaten to blow their whole marriage out of the water with their designs for each other.


Just Tattoo of Us – Tuesday 9:00pm on MTV.