Preview: Karen Pirie

Karen Pirie

Part two of the three-part cold case murder drama starring Lauren Lyle as Karen Pirie, based on acclaimed author Val McDermid’s The Distant Echo.

ITV once had a fine pedigree for original drama until managers prioritised ad revenue and populist game shows over quality content. That this adaptation of The Distant Echo has been afforded three two-hour slots in which to explore the characters and twist the plot shows that execs have seen the worth of long-form storytelling and Karen Pirie does is so, so well.

This absorbing well-written drama doesn’t rely on ACME detective characters who are either the maverick dysfunctional loner or the tortured hero with a past, it treads its own path, sure-footedly and with a fair amount of humour.

Tonight, with the suspects under attack, Karen’s case has become a live investigation overnight. Thrown together with DS Phil Parhatka at the most awkward time, Karen and her team must overcome the judgement of her superiors and find the culprit in time.

Karen Pirie – Sunday at 8.00pm on ITV.

Image: ITV