Preview: Kathy Burke – Growing Up

Kathy Burke - Growing Up

Ep 2 of 2

Kathy Burke turns her attention to age. In this episode, Kathy examines being young and looks back on her much-loved youth when she was carefree and confident. But now, young people are growing up in a world where everything they do is documented and your mistakes are online forever.

Kathy sets out to ask if it’s now easier or harder to be young in today’s world. From Charlotte Church and Francis Bourgeois, to young queer Jews looking to religion, or making money in the ruthless gig economy, the rites of passage have changed.

Kathy reveals how the young grow up in today’s interconnected and digital world. She learns that our brains are having to adapt to a world of much more choice, but with potentially troublesome consequences that society will have to deal with. With all the new freedoms the young have, has it made growing up easier or much harder?

Kathy Burke – Growing Up

Thursday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.

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