Preview: Kathy Burke’s All Woman

Kathy Burke All Woman

Kathy has never wanted children, but she wants to explore the experiences of women who have chosen motherhood, and to ask if the reality of ‘having it all’ is simply another pressure on women.

The average age of the first-time mother is rising. Kathy meets Joanna, a high-flying financial analyst in the City of London. Aged in her mid-thirties, she has decided to freeze her eggs. Kathy follows Joanna through the procedure and learns about the likelihood that a baby will result.

Kathy visits her old friend actor Samantha Morton, a Hollywood star just home from filming The Walking Dead in LA. Sam has three children, but acknowledges that some women – like Kathy – do not have the mothering gene. Comedian Katherine Ryan also talks very candidly about her experience of work and motherhood. Despite not wanting children herself, Kathy loves kids and is excited to be attending the birth of mum-to-be Sharni, exclaiming ‘I’ve never seen a baby fresh out of the oven.’

Kathy Burke All Woman – Tuesday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.