Preview – Katie Piper’s Face To Face

Katie Piper and Rochelle - Katie Piper's Face To Face

We live in a very vain, selfie obsessed society, constantly worrying about the way we look and try to improve ourselves; whether that be younger, older or even try to change the colour of our skin. For those with obvious facial conditions, these worries and insecurities are magnified.

Having had sulphuric acid thrown in her face back in 2008, Katie Piper has devoted her time to helping others with conditions affecting their appearance, learn to love their individuality. In this eye-opening documentary, Katie invites women with facial conditions to Central London’s Harvey Nichols for a very special makeover.

Although Katie encourages individuals to accept themselves, she believes that make-up is not a way to hide but a way to empower and stay in control.

Unbeknown to the women, the person applying their make-over has the same condition as them but will they be able to tell?

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Katie Piper’s Face To Face, Available on 4 On Demand. 

Image: Channel 4