Preview – Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

2017’s acclaimed welsh drama-mystery Keeping Faith’s ground-breaking first season reaches its thrilling climax on BBC1 this week with Eve Miles’ Faith finding herself on the verge of finally uncovering the truth about her husband’s disappearance. Hannah Danie, Suzanne Packer and Mair Rowlands also feature.

Now free on William’s interference, Faith stands on the precipice of learning what really happened to Evan and the secrets about his mysterious disappearance. But with a heated court battle threatening to tear her family apart and the shadow of her debt looming over her, the consequences of Faith’s actions return to haunt her and she finds herself facing an up-hill battle to bring the truth to light while balancing her personal affairs. Stephen contacts his former employers to make a dangerous gambit to secure her freedom.


Keeping Faith – Thursday 9:00pm on BBC1.