Preview – Keith and Paddy’s Picture Show

Top gun Keith and Paddy

Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuiness are back at it again with the aptly named “Keith and Paddy’s Picture Show” – a show in which, for anyone who doesn’t know the premise already, the two entertainers re-enact hit films with a parodic tone. The programme kicked off its second series last week with a hilariously cringe-worthy rendition of Grease which saw McGuiness don a pompadour wig in adopting the visage of Danny Zuko while Lemon did his hilarious best to play a convincing Sandy.

This week, however, we see the pair take on Tom Cruise’s iconic 1986 action flick, Top-Gun. For this outing into the world of fighter pilots and hot-shot aces, the two comedians are joined by a star-studded cast including Keith Allen, Sarah Parish, and Marc Warren as well as a cameo performance by Paul Chuckle.


Keith and Paddy’s Picture Show – Saturday 9:20pm on ITV.