Preview – Killed By My Debt

Killed By My Debt

The BBC’s docu-drama, Killed By My Debt, tells the tragic true-story of a 19 year old motorbike courier, Jerome Rogers, who was forced to suicide by a culmination of pressure from debt collectors and his deteriorating mental health as a result of it.

Jerome was a popular 19-year-old from a council estate, who in January 2015, finally got what he had been working for – a new motorbike and his first real job as a courier. This were looking up for the young man until he was hit by two £65 fines which, left unchecked, garnered a debt of £1000. When bailiffs then got involved and with his zero-hour job yielding as little as £12 per night, Jerome felt he had no way of escaping, leading him to take his own life. This hour-long drama explores his struggle and tells his tragic story.


Killed By My Debt – Wednesday 9:00pm on BBC One.