Preview – King Charles III

King Charles III
Image Credit: BBC/Drama Republic

This TV adaptation of Mike Bartlett’s Tony-nominated play has already attracted plenty of controversy, one reason being that one of the characters is the ghost of Princess Diana. Mind you, some of the same media outlets that have reported this have wrongly called it a comedy when it is a drama, so make of it what you will.

Starring the late Tim Pigott-Smith in his final TV role, it follows Prince Charles shortly after he has become the new king. Charles III now has to deal with new problems, mainly in the form of a bullying Prime Minister (Adam James) who wants the new monarch to sign a bill that will limit press freedom.

What follows sees protests in the streets, the royal family split with William and Kate (Oliver Chris and Charlotte Riley) worried about their prospects, and the very future of the monarchy threatened. Whether you are a fan of Charles or not, the play is worth seeing simply to see Pigott-Smith’s farewell performance.

King Charles III is on BBC Two at 21.00.