Preview: Ladhood

Ladhood - Gardener (STEVE PEMBERTON), Liam (LIAM WILLIAMS).

Freshly unemployed, Liam (Liam Williams) has been asked to give a motivational careers speech at his old school. He thinks back to preparing for his university entrance interview as a teenager.

Leeds, mid-noughties. After failing miserably in a mock university-entrance interview, Liam realises he needs to demonstrate some initiative if he’s to have any chance of succeeding at the real thing.

Young Liam is played by Oscar Kennedy, and his best mates Ralph by Samuel Bottomley, Addy by Aqib Khan and Craggy by Shaun Thomas.

Ladhood – Monday at 10.00pm on BBC 3.

Ladhood is also available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.

Image: BBC/Ben Meadows